About Us

The Captain has travelled the World to bring you the Best of British, USA Candy, Dutch Licorice, Kiwi Treats, Chocolate delights, Aussie Lollies and much much more.


“Captain’s Candy International Sweets Centre in Ashmore are now established as the premier supplier of candy on the Gold Coast.

With nearly 5000 lines from over a dozen countries, the store features various departments to make selection easier.


 Wander down the aisles and check out;-

* USA Candy – Hershey’s, Reese’s, M&M’s in 6 flavours not usually found in Australia, Baby Ruth, 3 Musketeers, Big League Gum and much more.

* Kiwi Treats – The best that New Zealand has to offer including their incredible Cookie Time Cookies, Jet Planes, Pineapple Lumps, Eskimos and Mackintosh Toffees.

* Dutch Licorice – 35 varieties from The  Netherlands from the very salty licorice to the best wine gums and jelly babies made. Just added Finland, Sweden and Denmark to this range 02/15.

* Aussie Lollies – The old favourites including Jersey Caramels, Musk Sticks (full flavoured), Caramel Kisses, Frosted Caramels

* UK Sweets – Choose from over 30 500g bags of traditional sweets including Pear Drops, Bon Bons, Sherbet lemons, Galaxy Chocolate, Walnut Whip & Pascal jubes and pastilles.

* Chocolate – 54 lines at last count including chocolate coated peanuts, raspberries, nuts, licorice bullets, caramels(cobbers and mates), Honeycomb, Freckles & coffee beans.

* Bulk Store – Buy in Bulk and save in 1, 2 & 3 kilo bags from all over the world including U.K. Bon Bons, Dutch licorice and the large Allen’s range featuring Party Mix, Bananas, Racing cars and the like.

* Candy Buffet, Occasions and Cakes – A unique collection of colour coded confectionery to suit any occasion, from kid’s parties to your wedding.

* Baby Shower, a stand of pink and blue traditional and modern sweets for that special time.

* USA, UK and Kiwi Soda – Sold in bulk packs or cold from the fridge, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew (4 flavours), L&P, Jelly Belly Soda, Duff Energy and lots more. Freezer Pop Boxes also available in 10 flavours plus TNT and KA Bluey Ice Pops.

* USA Groceries – The largest range of hot sauces, chips, syrups, cereals, popcorn & BBQ sauces from the top 4 in the States, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Blair’s, Texas Pete, Stubbs’s and Rufus Teague.

* Kiddies Corner – To keep the littlies interested we have a huge range of PEZ including refills and all the favourites from Zappo, Fizzer, Pop Rocks, necklace candy and nerds from Wonka.

*Sour City – Two stands showcasing the amazing range of sour candy now available including straps, brain drops and the full Warhead range.

*Licorice Land – Includes aniseed Alley where we have bought together the best selection from all over the world.

*Cinnamon Central – Probably the only time you will see a stand devoted to cinnamon lovers everywhere. Atomic Fireballs, Tic Tacs, mentos, cereal, pop tarts, Big red Gum, Gilda’s Chews, Cinnamints all featuring Cinnamon flavour.

Sweets spell indulgence in any language and Captain’s Candy is choc-full of the best treats from around the globe.

Store Owner Captain Pete has sailed around the world to gather a variety of sweets and sells bulk for your special occasion , Weddings, Corporate events, seminars, christenings etc etc.

The extensive range of International sweets are arranged by country of origin, with the American section the largest. In this extensive section sweet tooths will find everything. The range of USA groceries has also proved a source of excitement particularly the range of hot sauces.

The store also stocks an extensive range of imported drinks, and just introduced Home Ice Cream with their superb range of Aussie favourites.

Open Weekdays 9-5 and 10-4 Weekends and public holidays.