Aussie Lollies

From Australia the Captain has sourced the best selection of chocolate-coated fruit, nuts, ginger, licorice bullets and many more in both milk and dark. There is also a huge selection of traditional Australian Lollies like Musk Sticks that taste like the old fashioned flavours including peppermint, spearmint and licorice – yes the slate pencil is back!

This large range of Australian Lollies is hand made for us locally and the same family make the best rosey apples, acid drops and bulls eyes ever tasted.

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White Knight Bites (Chocolate peppermint) 500g

White Knight Bites (Chocolate peppermint) 500g

Following the demise of the famous White Knight bar by Nestle, this Aussie made hard peppermint chocolate coated chew bar has...
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