Our Little House of Holland

After selling Dutch Licorice and some grocery lines for over 10 years we have expanded our Dutch gourmet food offering by adding 80 new products that we hope you will find to your liking.

Dutch 1

Dutch 2

Dutch 3

Dutch 4

Featuring famous brands such as HAK, Senseo, Gouda’s, Dutch Shop, Verstegen spices, Maggi and Koopman’s we are sure you will recognise these products. Call in and browse around as we have also increased our licorice lines. Senseo are a brand of coffee pads, we keep three flavours from Dowe Egberts.

Furthermore we are planning to expand our range in stage 2 so if you have any suggestions we will try to assist.

House of Holland frozen produce.

Following on the success of our Little House of Holland, we have entered into an agreement to stock a range of frozen produce from the Winkeltje chain.

We have ordered a new freezer and  hope to be up and running by the 1st of May, however as this is our first frozen product order we may experience some delay until we get up to speed on the logistics.

Frozen Dutch delicacy.

Frozen Dutch delicacy.

Frozen Dutch lines

Frozen Dutch lines

UPDATE – All frozen products arrived in stock and now on sale 10-05-2016.

Chicken Croquettes

Chicken Croquettes

Our initial order will consist of Beef & chicken Croquettes, Frikandellen, Bitterballen, schnitzel sausages in 6 flavours, poffertjes, and frozen fish with haring (herring) and mackerel.

Hostess Twinkies

Hostess are back in full production after their little hiccup over the last few years.



Sno Balls

Sno Balls

Ding Dongs

Ding Dongs


Sold in cartons of 10 or individually in store.


Collection Eggs with Candy & Stickers inside

We have devoted a whole row of our Kiddies stand to the latest collection eggs from the USA.

Collection Eggs Centre

Collection Eggs Centre.

Featuring Turtles, Hello Kitty, Shopkins, Princess, Avengers, Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Spongebob & Spiderman, we have the biggest collection anywhere.




Easter is Gone for this year.



This year we three times the quantity of last year but clearly not enough.


Candy Eggs


Also just in from the U.K. are Black Magic chocolates.


Ceramic Cars money boxes with toffees

Now here’s one for the car enthusiasts, and would make a great gift.

Featuring cars from the Aussie Muscle series, we have Allan Moffats 1978 Ford Falcon 2 door and a 1977 Ford Cobra. 30CM long these models look great and will bring back memories of the greatest days of Aussie V8 racing.

Aussie Muscle Cars

Aussie Muscle Cars

Includes 100g of butter toffees from Mexico.

New 500g, Half kilo cylinders

Hi there,

We now offer our largest selling bulk ranges in the new 500g cylinders that we had made especially for our customers who don’t need a full kilo.

We have started off with 500g cylinders of;

Wonka Runts, Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s Milk, M&M’s Minis, M&M’s Peanut and Mars Fruit Skittles.

In the Candy Buffet supplies we have today added 500g pink, white & mixed candy(sugared) scorched almonds in the easy cylinders.

New 500g Cylinders.

New 500g Cylinders.

We will be adding the 500g option to more of our range over the next few months.



New arrivals

Arriving today 25/1 some new flavours to add to existing lines. Jolly Rancher Cinnamon Fire, Pez Muppets, Pez Transformers, Jelly Belly Pancakes & Maple Syrup and Mike & Ike Zours. Also back today Swedish Fish, Demet Turtles, Twinkies, Ding dongs, Ho Ho’s. Also topping up our Reese’s and Jelly Belly range following huge Christmas trading.

Yowie invasion from USA.

Fondly remembered and containing a quality toy, we are thrilled to reintroduce the chocolate Yowie to the Aussie market.

Yowies all present and correct for your pleasure.

Yowies all present and correct for your pleasure.

Upgrade on USA gourmet foods.


We have just expanded our range with more hot sauces, relish’s, rubs and associated products for the gourmet cook and lovers of great tasting dishes.

Speciality Sauces

Speciality Sauces

“OJ (Orijinal Juan)”, “Pain is Good” and “Stockyard” sauces, hot dog relish and rubs are brand names of Speciality Foods of Kansas City, Kansas. Since introducing this brand last year our customers have loved the flavours and variations on offer.

Rufus Teague, Frank's Red Hot and Blair's Death range.

Rufus Teague, Frank’s Red Hot and Blair’s Death range.

Rufus Teague is also from Kansas City and is the best flavour BBQ sauce that we have. Franks Red Hot Sauce is one of the best sellers in the world and their Buffalo Wing Sauce is the top seller. The Blair’s range is featured with the coffin box extremely hot sauces. The Ultra Death sauce is reputedly scored at 800,00 Scoville units, too hot for most.

Sweet Baby Ray's, Head Country and Whoop Ass.

Sweet Baby Ray’s, Head Country and Whoop Ass.

Sweet Baby Ray’s has a huge flavour range, we try to keep 7 varieties in stock at all times subject to the vagaries of International shipping.  Head Country make a great BBQ sauce with Hickory smoke favours and their Seasoning is the best we have tasted and by the repeat business we get our customers agree. Try it on your eggs of a morning and turn chicken sandwiches in to “WOW”. Whoop Ass has a very hot Ghost Pepper and their Garlic sauce is up there with the best. Their Wooden Dunny is a great favourite, especially around Fathers Day.

Jack Daniels, desert Pepper, Loyd Grossman, Crystal and Jim Beam.

Jack Daniels, Desert Pepper, Loyd Grossman, Crystal and Jim Beam.


Jack Daniels is a great selection of BBQ and rib sauces that is on offer now, try it and you will be back for more. Desert pepper is a salsa that is hot, Hot, HOT XXX Habanero. Crystal Louisiana Hot sauce is famous the world over and the Jim Beam sauces together with the Dr Pepper Marinade cover all tastes.

La Costena Beans

La Costena Beans &  Sauces

Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Zingers, Ding Dongs from Hostess Foods.

Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Zingers, Ding Dongs from Hostess Foods. Also Kool Aid sachets.

We also carry most of the Stubb’s range of sauces, rubs and marinades and they have just introduced a complete kit together with recipes to make the perfect ribs every time. We describe Stubb’s as a complex sauce with multiple layers of spice that make for a long list of ingredients.The Stubb’s  range has recently been increased. Our flavours now stocked are Original, Hickory Bourbon, Sweet Heat, Sweet & Sticky, Honey Pecan, Chipotle Butter (with injector), Wing, Texas Srirachi sauces, Beef, Chicken, Pork and Texas Steakhouse Marinades and the most recent additions Sweet Black Pepper Marinade and Moppin’ Sauce BBQ Baste. Come in and check out our huge range of imported gourmet sauces at the sauce centre of the gold coast.





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